Subject offerings

We offer curriculum areas as stated in the Australian National Curriculum. The language of study at Tantanoola is Indonesian.

Instrumental Music

Instruction in specific musical instruments can be accessed through the DECD Peripatetic Music Program which operates out of Mount Gambier North Primary School Piano or keyboard, guitar and drums instruction will have to be accessed through private providers.

Teaching Methodology

Staff cater for individual learning. The learning program has a number of entry points and levels to differentiate and cater for preferred learning styles.

Assessment Procedures and Reporting

Our Assessment and Reporting procedures have been developed and reviewed through consultation with the parent body. Key aspects are:

  • • Our teachers and families have daily discussions on the progression of children’s learning.
  • • Reading levels are checked on a regular basis.
  • • Spelling is tested weekly.
  • • Teacher observation and discussion takes place daily and teaching programs are adapted to meet the changing developmental needs of the learners.
  • Three Way Interviews are held in early Term 2.
  • • Written reports go home at the end of Terms 2 and 4.

Joint programmes

Every two years we combine with Beachport and Rendelsham Primary School for a Year 6/7 Aquatic Camp.

Also, in Term 1 of each year our school is involved in the Coastline Sports Day with Beachport and Rendelsham Primary Schools.

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Sporting Opportunities 

Our students take part in the Coastline Sports Day with students from Rendelsham and Beachport Primary Schools.

Swimming lessons are scheduled every day for Week 2, Term 1 at the Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre.

Students may choose to to be involved in School Football or Netball at Club level.

SAPSASA participation is actively encouraged.

Participation in the Naracoorte Cross Country event is actively encouraged.

Basketball workshops are held in late Term 2 and this culminates in a Round Robin competition in Week 10, Term 2.

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Within the Local Community 

The local Tantanoola Football and Netball Club has teams for a range of ages and the games are held on Saturday mornings

Those wishing to play soccer or squash can do so with Millicent based clubs.

Students can participate in Millicent based basketball, cricket, baseball and softball


A whole school camp is held in Term 1. The destination varies and the teaching program for the term focuses on the geography, history and local culture of the destination.

An Aquatics Camp is held in Term 4 in alternate years, combined with Rendelsham and Beachport Primary Schools


Many excursions are planned throughout the school year. These are to access our local library, art gallery, museums, performances held in Mount Gambier, specific sporting instruction opportunities as well as for joint activities with other small sites.

Art Displays 

A school display is prepared for the Millicent Show

Student art work is displayed in the Regional Education Office, Mount Gambier.

End of Year Family Night

This is held on the Monday evening of Week 9, Term 4. A short performance by the students is presented to the school community and this is followed by a meal together.

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