About Our School

The Tantanoola Primary School was first opened in 1883. The School Gym was constructed in 2011.

We have one Reception - Year 7 class comprising of less than 20 students. We have a full time classroom teacher covering core subjects, accompanied by a second teacher for two days a week, covering the areas of HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and HPE (Health and Personal Development). We also welcome Brenton Williams in Terms 1 and 2 to teach the Specialist area of Music, where students are learning Ukulele. Students are taught the Indonesian language via Open Access.

A Playgroup is held each Wednesday morning, commencing at 10am. This provides a valuable opportunity for 0-5 year olds to play and socialize together and for parents to engage and share their experiences and approaches to the challenge of parenting. We welcome Priscilla Baker from AC Care with the Wattle Range Mobile Library. Families are able to borrow toys and learning equipment fortnightly through this service.

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Students (and their welfare) 

General characteristics

We have approximately 27% School Card population.

Support offered

The classroom teachers and Principal provide general student counselling in the absence of a Student Counsellor.

Students identified with specific learning needs are supported with classroom SSO's and targeted learning plan.

Student Management

Our school has 4 Key Responsibilities which underpin student behaviour:

Learning: Each child has the right to learn. It is the individual child’s responsibility to complete learning tasks and to allow others to do so.

Conflict: Each child has the right to a conflict free environment. It is the individual child’s responsibility to manage conflict without violence or abuse.

Safety: Each child has the right to keep themselves and others safe. It is the individual child’s responsibility to keep themselves and others safe.

Treatment: Each child has the right to be treated respectfully. It is their responsibility to treat others with respect and to look after our environment.

This is in line with the School Discipline Policy.

Student Voice

Our senior students operate as student leaders. Student leaders are involved in organising school events such as fundraisers, fundays and special events.

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Staff (and their welfare) 

Staff profile

In 2019 our staff includes:

A Principal, 1 Classroom Teacher - Full Time 1 Classroom Teacher - 2 Days

1 Finance Officer

1 Admin Office/Playgroup Leader

2 Classroom Support Persons

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Lesley Okholm
Debbie Bell
Admin Officer
Joy Taylor
Finance Officer

Jan Major
Teacher, Rec-7
Emma Reppin
Teacher, Rec-7
Sue Lines
Sue Lines
Classroom SSO
Sandi Miller
Sandi Miller
Classroom SSO

Key School Policies 

Mission statement

At Tantanoola Primary School we are committed to developing a partnership between students, parents and staff in order to help prepare students for effective participation in society. We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum in a safe, happy, supportive and child-centred environment where students enjoy successes and excellence is encouraged.

Our values are:

The school has continued to focus on quality Training and Development for staff as we recognise that this is central to improving student learning outcomes. We are involved in the Premier's Reading Challenge and the Premiere's Be Active program.

Site Improvement Plan

Our Site Improvement Plan for 2017 are:

*To develop student writing with a view to increasing reader engegement, improved use of punctuation and grammar and enhancing content

*To develop student STEM thinking to enhance problem solving

*To embed Aboriginal perspectives into the learning program

*Develop students familiarity and use of the Microsoft suite of programs

*To consolidate the community’s commitment to our Play Group

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School Facilities 

Buildings and grounds

School buildings consist of a Front Office Administration. The original school classrooms built in 1883 house the Library and Staffroom. A DMAC open space style building has three sectioned off classroom areas. There is a Preschool onsite and this is housed in the former Principal's residence, which has been converted. There is also a portable building which is used for indoor play. This room also has kitchen facilities and is used by the Parents & Friends on lunch days. A large colorbond shed houses our recycling program.

The grounds are spacious, attractive with a large oval, basketball court and adventure playground area.

The school has an automatic irrigation system to water the oval and garden areas.

School Hall

During 2011, a School Hall was built on the school grounds. This was opened on the 25th November by Senator Anne McKewin.

Specialist facilities

There is a well-stocked Library, sports shed and teacher resource area.

Access for students and staff with disabilities

The classroom area, administration area, preschool and toilets all have disabled access.

Bus transport

There is no Bus servicing the Tantanoola Primary School.

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School Operations 

Decision making structures

Our decision-making policy is published in both staff and parent handbooks. The school is committed to collaborative decision-making. We have an active and supportive Governing Council and Finance Committee. Our Student Leaders are involved in decision making on behalf of students and are consulted on a range of school matters and developments.

Regular publications

Our School newsletter is published fortnightly on a Thursday. Parents, staff and the local community have access to this newsletter. There is also a copy sent to the local newspaper and post office.

Other communication

A daybook is kept in the staff room and notices and information is entered daily. Handbooks containing school policies are available.

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Governing Council 

Governing Council meetings are usually held twice a term on Monday afternoons. Members are elected for a two year term and are expected to attend meetings regularly.

Meetings usually commence at 3:40pm. The Annual General Meeting is held in February each year. Finance Committee meetings are usually held an hour prior to Governing Council.

Governing Council Members for 2019:

Colleen Roberts
Jan Major
Stephania Castignani
Cindy Hardingham, Sue Mower, Pauline Mower, Grace Aquino
Stephania Castignani, Colleen Roberts, Lesley Okholm, Joy Taylor

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Local Community 

General characteristics

The majority of the parents of the students from this school work either at the local paper mill, Kimberly Clark, or are farmers. All students at this school come from an English speaking background. The community is a small, rural and close knit community, which is located between Millicent and Mount Gambier.

Feeder schools

Tantanoola Primary School feeds students to Millicent High School.

Other local care and educational facilities

The closest facilities are 14 kilometres away in Millicent or 35 kilometres to Mount Gambier. There is access to all medical, social, sporting, cultural, recreational facilities on a smaller scale to the city.

Childcare centres are available in both Mount Gambier and Millicent and a Learning Together based at Newbery Park PS in Millicent.

Commercial/industrial and shopping facilities

Tantanoola has a Post Office which stocks a small amount of household supplies and a hote. A much larger shopping centre with all conveniences being available in Millicent or Mount Gambier.

Other local facilities

Tantanoola has a football club; hotel and Institute for recreational purposes as well as tennis and netball courts and football and cricket oval and numerous playgrounds.

Availability of staff housing

The nearest staff housing is in Millicent or Mount Gambier.

Local Government body

Wattle Range Council or the Tourist Information Centre in Millicent have pamphlets available on the area. Brochures are also available from the Lady Nelson Tourist Centre in Mount Gambier. These pamphlets are free of charge.

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Tantanoola is a small country town in a rural setting in an attractive part of South Australia. Close proximity to Mount Gambier and Millicent make it an attractive place to live and work. The school celebrated its 125th birthday in 2008 and the community is proud of their local history. The staff, student and parents are a close knit community who work well together to promote the excellence of teaching and learning.

Local industries:

Farming, Dairying, Windfarm, Pine plantations, KCA and Hollafresh.

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